Wedding Vision: How to Get Your Dream Wedding (Anywhere, Anytime, Any Budget)

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As a newly engaged bride to be, you’re stressed by all of the wedding ideas out there, right?

With literally in excess of 110,000,000 wedding ideas returned when you search on Google… it’s really hard to get a grasp on what makes a dream wedding day come to life.

That’s why this post on wedding vision should otherwise be known as “Why You Should Stop Pinning Right Now…”

But, even if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the wedding ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, wedding blogs and in wedding magazines…

I want to tell you that you absolutely, categorically CAN HAVE YOUR DREAM WEDDING DAY.

Wedding Vision: Yes, You Can Have Your Dream Wedding (Start Here)

A Celebration of You - Wedding MasterclassIn my experience, there are a few keys to getting your dream wedding day, and none are more important than this:

Know what you want.

Deep down.

And as a couple.

If you don’t truly know what you want then it’s really unlikely that any wedding vendor will be able to help create your dream.

But knowing what you want isn’t about replicating someone else’s wedding.  No, that was THEIR dream wedding.  What I’m talking about here is getting you YOUR dream wedding day!

Ok, so how do you get to the heart of what you want?

It’s about wedding vision.  It’s about knowing exactly what you want and being able to clearly articulate it to every wedding professional involved in your wedding day – no matter if you have a wedding planner or not – your florist, stylist, venue, catering company, stationery designer, cake designer… every one of your wedding vendors needs to “GET IT” – understand your wedding vision and exactly what you want.

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Define You as a Couple: A-List Wedding Planners Begin Here With Their Clients

Ok, so now that’s clear… let’s talk about how to achieve your wedding vision.

Firstly, I want you to put away ALL social media.  I mean it.  Do it now.

The reason I’m asking you to do this is because I don’t want your dream to be obscured by someone else’s dream.  This is all about you and your fiancee getting the wedding day of YOUR dreams.  The process is pretty simple and should be a lot of fun for you to complete.

Firstly, find some spare time and dedicate an hour or two to a distraction free conversation with your fiancee.  No parents allowed.  No bridesmaids allowed.  Just you and your fiancee talking and being really honest with one another about your dreams.  We’re not talking about weddings yet – talk about what makes you unique as a couple.

  • Remember the stories that made you fall in love.  Write them down.
  • Remember the first time you knew you were in love and recount that story to one another.  Write those stories down.
  • Remember the adventures you’ve had together as you got to know one another deeply.  Write those stories down.
  • Recount the times you were just so much in love you could burst.  Write those stories down.
  • Write down the things you love doing together best.
  • Write down your hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Write down the things that make you scared and address them now.
  • And, write down some words that really resemble your loved one.  Fun. Adventurous.  Generous.  Happy.  Intelligent. Kind…. use as many adjectives as you can.  It’s a fun exercise and I bet you’ll learn a lot about one another!

What you’ve captured here is GOLD to a wedding planner, who can take these stories and creatively integrate them into your wedding.  If you don’t use a wedding planner, don’t fear!  We can show you how to do this yourself.

Wedding Visualization: The Key to YOUR Dream Wedding Day

Once that’s all said and done, I want you to spend an hour in complete silence, visualising your dream wedding day from start to finish.  Now, you may want your fiancee to do the same exercise, but either way, it’s important that you do this alone.  You can share the results with your fiancee afterwards.

Wedding Visualization - Wedding Masterclass

So, draw the blinds, turn off the lights, put on some comfy clothes and lie down in silence.  Now, I want you to visualize your dream wedding day from start to finish.  Be free with your thinking and creativity.  Forget what anyone else wants.  I want you to really dream your fantasy wedding and what makes you happy from waking up on your wedding day right through to the farewell from your wedding reception.

  • Imagine who is there with you.
  • Imagine the location.
  • Imagine the vows you’re making to one another.
  • Imagine the setting for your ceremony.
  • Imagine the flowers you’re carrying.
  • Imagine your dress.
  • Imagine your wedding photography backdrop.
  • Imagine your reception tables.
  • Imagine the food.
  • Imagine your first dance.
  • Imagine your cake.
  • Imagine the music.
  • Imagine your party!

What’s super important here is to not let anything block you.  This is your fantasy wedding!  I don’t care how much money you have or where you are located in the world.  Your dream wedding visualization is authentically you – and you can have whatever you want in your imagination.

Once you’re finished, take those thoughts and write them down.  Take in the details and capture them on paper.

Along with your wedding story, your wedding visualization becomes a key part of getting your dream wedding day.

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A Letter to Yourself: A Reminder of Your Core Wedding Ideas

If you’re like 95% of the couples we work with at Wedding Masterclass, you’ll be starting to get really clear about what you want deep down for your wedding day by now.  And, to really cement that, I want you to now write a letter to yourself.  The letter is to remind you of what is important to you.  Why you’re getting married and what that means to you.  It’s to remind you of the key stories that resonated when you did your storytelling with your fiancee.  It’s to remind you of the key details that made your heart flutter in your visualization.

Write to yourself to remind yourself what your wedding day is all about.

Wedding Visualization - Wedding Masterclass

And, then read and re-read this letter whenever you need to during your wedding planning process.  I promise you there will be times when you need to remind yourself of what really matters.  Every couple has stresses and hits roadblocks when planning their wedding, so this is a key component to getting unstuck and clear again whenever you need it.

Wedding Design, Color & Branding: Now to the Fun Wedding Ideas!

Now you’re clear on your wedding vision, it’s time to bring this together with some key components that will allow you to clearly articulate your wedding brand.  A brand is what a company uses to take their ethos and visually represent this to the world.  I want you to achieve the same thing with your wedding day.  I want you to take the core of you through your wedding stories, hopes and dreams – and then create a wedding brand that represents this!

Now, this is when you need to get clear about wedding color schemes, wedding design and what speaks to you with your wedding decorating.  No matter if you’re creative or not, this process is one where it’s best to be guided so you can get a gorgeous outcome.  We can help you with that process through the Wedding Mastermind, with programs that help delve into color, branding, design and then bring it all together in one uniquely personal wedding vision board.

If you’re on your own, the important thing to remember is you want to envision what speaks to you.  Remember this isn’t an exercise in looking at everyone else’s wedding and picking one you want to duplicate.  If you want an authentically unique dream wedding day – this is about YOU.  So, what colors do you adore?  What shapes speak to you?  What’s really important to you and what elements of this can be incorporated into your branding?

Get creative.  Don’t let budget get in your way!

Pinterest & Instagram for Weddings – Here we Come! (Brides, Now Start To Build Your Wedding Pins)

Ok, so now you have your wedding vision and branding all sorted, it’s now time to pick up social media again!  Jump in to Pinterest and Instagram and use YOUR brand to guide the curation of Pinterest Boards that represent your dream.  Don’t get distracted by other ideas that jump out at you and that clash with your clear vision.  This is time to curate.  This is time to use Pinterest on YOUR TERMS.

And, once you’ve created those Boards, now you can take this to your wedding vendors and be SUPER CLEAR about your wedding vision.

Take a weekend to complete your wedding vision project with your fiancee and I guarantee you’ll be in the best position possible to achieve your dream wedding day.


Kathryn xx

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