Wedding Table Decorations: Ideas to Bring Your Wedding Decor to Life

Centerpieces.  Tablescapes.  Wedding table decorations.  Creating stunning wedding tables really transforms your wedding reception and will bring your wedding to life.

You’ve seen those amazing Pinterest centerpieces that just ooze style and amazing depth, richness and elegance.  How do they come to life? Here are our fave wedding table ideas.

As with every aspect of your wedding day, we always recommend that you be really clear with your wedding vision before you start planning any wedding decor or making any wedding decisions.  How do you get clear through all of the wedding noise?  Start with the Dream Wedding Masterclass for first-hand advice from the very best wedding planners and stylists in the world.  They will help clarify your wedding vision – and then you can articulate this to your stylists, designers, vendors, florists, bridesmaids and everyone involved in your day.  If you’re not clear on your wedding vision, the confusion will creep into your decisions.  Don’t be frightened!  You don’t need to be ultra-creative or have a massive budget – just be open minded and bring your creativity to the fore.

Ok, now we’re clear on vision… let’s start with the centerpieces.

Pastel Wedding Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Start with the Centerpiece

The most integral part of the wedding table is the centerpiece. It’s the focal point that you can build upon for the rest of the table setting. Think about your wedding theme and go back to your vision of the day.

Do you dream of tables set with tall crystal vases full of massive roses and dripping with crystal garlands? Hurricane candles sitting in coloured sand dotted with starfish? Remember that flowers are only one option – you can include fruit, natural materials like driftwood, candles, mirrors, potted plants, fish bowls, birdcages, candelabras and more.

Here are some of our favorite centerpiece ideas to inspire you – gorgeous wedding table ideas to inspire!

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Garden fresh flowers.  If you’re budget savvy and you live close-by to a market garden, then grab your friends and go picking!  Whatever is freshest is best.  Making small and beautiful centerpieces with mismatched glasses, Mason jars and other vessels looks divine and brings a touch of boho chic to your wedding tables.

Garden Fresh Wedding Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Single Color.  To keep your wedding tables simple, choose your favorite color and use monochrome flowers, candles and decor that matches – simple and gorgeous.

Monochrome White Wedding Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Go Low.  Low and long doesn’t need to be boring.  Use symmetry and take the eye along the table like this spectacular wedding table below.

Low Table Runners - Wedding Masterclass

Lush.  The lush look that is trending right now is achieved with lots of long greenery draped with a wildflower look.  Achieve this with plenty of ivy, eucalyptus and don’t be afraid to add fruit to the flowers and green to add extra richness and texture.

Lush Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Paper Decorations.  Add texture and richness to your centerpieces with paper decorations like mini pom poms, origami, and folded napkins.

Origami Wedding Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Simplicity.  You don’t need to choose a rich design overfilled with flowers and decor.  If you love a minimalist look, then absolutely bring this in with simple decor.

Minimalist Wedding Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Rustic Still Rules.  Although the rustic decorations of a few years ago are now phasing out, the new feminine barnyard charm is coming in.  Think timber, jam jars, dahlias and lace.

Formal Occasion.  For a formal look, think of symmetry in designing your centerpieces.  Tall vases with draped flowers are always a winner, with crystal, candles and crisp white linen.

Formal Wedding Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Greenery.  Tropical and barnyard weddings are becoming greener and greener.  Grab potted plants and foliage as well as flowers to bring in plenty of green to your displays.

Greenery Wedding Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Colored Glass.  Vases and candles using colored glass make your centerpieces sparkle and add a pop of personality.

Colored Glass Wedding Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

String Lights.  Add lighting to your centerpieces with string lights along your runner and placed inside hurricanes for sparkle.

String Lights Wedding Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Metallic Vessels.  Gold, rose gold, copper and platinum as vases, candle holders and vessels make wonderful table decorations and sparkle perfectly with deep and bright flowers.

Metallic Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Candles!  Quite simply candles are your best decorating friend.  Use them everywhere!

Wedding Candles - Wedding Masterclass

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Let’s Talk Tables & Chairs

Consider the table style. If you’re having long, narrow tables, you may want centrepieces that are long and narrow as well, to ensure that there’s enough room for your crockery. Or you could move the decorations upwards, with paper lanterns hovering just above the tabletops. On round, oval and square tables, your centrepiece can be much larger and taller while still leaving room for crockery and conversation.

Wedding Tables and Chairs - Wedding Masterclass

Talk to your venue about the options they can provide – gorgeous tables and chairs really make a reception.  And, they don’t need to be over the top.  Rustic timber tables and country chairs look beautiful!

Candles are Your Friend

Add candles for ambience. Candles can transform a space and cost so little, relatively speaking, that they’re a must-have for wedding table settings – no matter which theme you’ve chosen. Pretty tealights, fat pillar candles and small candles in glass votive holders are available in many colours and make beautiful and very cheap decorations for your tables around the centerpiece.  Buy in bulk and buy many more than you think you need!

Wedding Candles - Wedding Masterclass

Sumptuous Linen

Sumptuous linen is having a real moment right now.  But if you’re on a budget, keep linen clean and crisp. A white linen tablecloth is a must for almost every theme, and best of all, most venues include it in their package without any extra charge. You can add color and interest with the centerpiece and a table runner.

Wedding Linen - Wedding Masterclass

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Rolled, folded, knotted or gathered napkins finish a table setting. Don’t neglect the napkins in your table settings. Beautifully crisp napkins in a contrasting shade to the centrepieces and table linen can add the perfect finishing touch. Consider personalised napkins that make a unique statement about your wedding day, or tie plain napkins with a personalised ribbon or handwritten place card to make the them work for you as decorations.

Wedding Napkins - Wedding Masterclass

Table Settings

Talk to the venue, caterer and hire company about glassware, tablecloths, china and flatware to suit your theme and budget. Your wedding suppliers can be a great source of ideas, as they’ve probably been involved in hundreds of weddings and have seen themes similar to the one you have your heart set on.

Wedding Table Settings - Wedding Masterclass


In composing your table decorations, don’t forget the setting and take into account the backdrop.  Do your table decorations complement the setting?  Sit down at the tables and assess how you can create that artistic composition that the pros achieve.  It’s about working with the environment as much as you can.

Don’t forget to look up – use a canopy of lights or florals draping to add extra lushness to your reception.  Easy to achieve with string lights, we adore the beautiful look of twinkling rope lights to create a canopy over the top of your tables.

Wedding Table Decorations - Wedding Masterclass

Download our FREE Wedding Table Decorations Planner here – the perfect wedding table ideas to help you create a stunning wedding reception.


Kathryn xx

FREE Wedding Masterclass 

10 of the World's Best Wedding Professionals Share Their Secrets to the Perfect Wedding.

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