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Keep Calm.  Hire a Wedding Planner.

That’s the general adage our wedding professionals shared when we asked them for their very best wedding planning advice for your dream wedding day.

Much of the advice will be perfect to bring some reality checks into your wedding planning.  Some advice is plain funny.  Much is simple and effective.  But ultimately, the wedding planning advice from our wedding professionals simply tells you to stay calm. Enjoy.  Make the most of the time in this very precious part of your wedding planning journey – envision the perfect wedding day.

We’ve assembled the thoughts of wedding planners from all over the USA who have generously provided their best tips for planning your big day including making sure that you have enough time to plan properly, stay calm while you’re planning and enjoy the process.  This is the wedding planning advice they gave – especially to help the Wedding Masterclass brides, grooms and couples create their dream wedding day.

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Wedding Planning Advice for the big day

Don’t rush into planning. Take a moment to enjoy being engaged. – Sonya Younan,

Throughout the planning process never lose sight of the end goal. Your wedding is to celebrate the love and commitment that will last a lifetime, so be respectful and kind to one another. Make sure to be a team through the planning process and try and have some fun with it along the way. – Kelly Winter, Nomad Nuptials

It doesn’t matter what type of wedding or how big or small the wedding you’re planning, as long as you, the couple, are planning it together. Nothing about the wedding is worth arguing over. Consider the wedding planning experience a pre-marriage test on making major decisions together and overcoming differences. It’s not just about the wedding, it’s about your marriage and your future together. – Tina Li,

When you first get started planning, make a list of 3-5 things that are really important for your big day. It could be things like you want good food, a great DJ and lots of beautiful flowers. Then when you look at your budget, ensure that the bulk of your budget is put toward these items. Everything else is just cake! – Michelle Stewart,

Decide whether or not you need a planner. There will always be time to hire one later, but if you already have busy lives, it might be worth the money to invest in one. – Merida Alexander,

Don’t rush into planning, enjoy being engaged. Take it slow and enjoy every emotion that arises during the planning process, this includes the good, the bad and the ugly. Also, be sure to do things that aren’t wedding-centric, remember, you had fun prior to your engagement, and you should have fun during your engagement too! Unfortunately, your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, and most if not all of your memories of the wedding planning, are built on decisions you and your significant other did together. Lastly, keep an engagement journal, write down your hopes, dreams, wishes, and fears about this new chapter you’re about to embark upon. It will really be something special to look back on years down the road. – Larissa,

Don’t rush into planning mode right away, take the time to enjoy each other. – Diana,

Take a while to enjoy being engaged. Don’t rush to start planning and race towards the alter. The engagement period is such a fun & magical time … it will go by fast enough- don’t rush it! – Kimberly Richmond,

Celebrate! Pop some champagne and enjoy this new feeling and exciting new chapter in your lives. – Eric Cmar, Cmart Celebrations

COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE! Make sure you’re on the same page at all times. – Mattie, AB Event Planner

Enjoy every little detail of the planning, even though sometimes it’s hard, remember that your wedding day will fly! – Jannina Martinez,

Keep some aspects of your wedding a mystery until the big day. – Tifanie Lugo,

Don’t do large gaps between the ceremony and reception. For guests this can be exhausting! They end up being so tired from waiting around from the ceremony to reception they end up leaving early from the party. – Lisa L. DiBenedetto,

Wedding Hair & Makeup - Wedding masterclassRemember you are planning your Big Day with the person you love. You are celebrating your union, story and traditions. So, make the planning process as pleasant as possible. Do not forget to laugh, enjoy and take a deep breath when need it! – Nancy Pitrelli,

Prioritize! Let’s be honest – planning a wedding can be overwhelming. I always advise newly engaged couples to really sit down with each other in the early planning stages and identify their top 3 (no more, no less!) priorities for their wedding day. Whether it’s serving the most delicious food, keeping guests partying on the dance floor, or simply making sure they find time to fully embrace the joy of the day, choosing 3 top priorities will help you determine what kind of wedding you want, and also where your budget will be best spent to have the day you’ve always dreamed of. – Kelly Golia,

Prioritize your values, and plan from there! – Joelle Duff,

COMMUNICATE — tell each other how you are feeling, do not hold things in. It is best to talk through thoughts, opinions and emotions. You will feel soooo much better, if you do. – Holly Hu, Hu’s Assisting

Write down the 3 most important parts of the wedding to you before you start planning anything. When things start to get carried away during the planning process, pull out your list. It will help you stay focused on what really matters to you both. – Andi Dyal,

As a couple sit down and each of you name three wedding requests to help ensure you two are on the same page once the planning begins (would love to have a band verses DJ, would prefer an open bar, having a videographer at our wedding would be a dream come true! – Hylah White,

Don’t forget to enjoy the process! Planning a wedding with the person you love is such a wonderful experience. Don’t forget what it’s all about: sharing your love and joining your lives. Enjoy every second of putting together the event that will celebrate that for you. – Nicole Batiste,

Surround yourself with couples you admire! Learn from their successes and failures and apply them to your own. – Waverly Coleman,

Assemble your squad. When two become one there are a lot of things that you learn about yourself. That might be that you drink way to many Starbuck’s a week or that you actually really value alone time but didn’t know it. Think about professionals that can support you as you prepare to bring your lives together. Some of those key “squad” members include Pastors, Financial Planners, Mentor couples, and of course wedding planners like Happily Hitched Weddings. Let professionals help you on your path to marriage so that your vision for both your special day and the foundation of your marriage are set up for success. – Aishah Hunter,

Understand that you won’t please everyone, but this is YOUR big day! – Steven Gould,

Create a wedding website with all the information your guest will need to know about your wedding day and be sure and print that website address on your “save the date” – Pam Donaldson,

Do what makes your happy! I’ve encountered so many couples who are trying to make other people happy. Whether it be friends or family. From linen colors to what to serve for dinner some people may step on your toes. It’s okay to listen to suggestions, but in the end do what makes your comfortable and happy, because it’s you’re special day! Jacquelin Wingett,

On your wedding timeline, schedule blocks of alone time so you and your new hubby/wife can have just a couple minutes at a few key times to de-compress, take it all in, and just be present with each other and with the day. This isn’t a party, it’s a wedding. Friends and family can be all-consuming and the time will fly by quicker than I can even describe here. So make the time to take stock in everything that’s happening around you on your big day. You worked SO hard to plan it and it only happens once. – Whitney Drake,

Remember to have fun planning

Make the planning fun, but don’t let it take over! Set aside one specific night a week to focus in on the plans together and leave the rest of the week as time to focus on each other and continue growing your relationship. A great planner will be able to send you what you need during the week for you to be able to make quick decisions that night! – Margot,

Go team! Planning your wedding is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship as a couple and show your personal style. Your wedding is an open canvass and you are the artists! – Elizabeth Ford,

Rely on each other – Wedding planning is a good lesson in trust, compromise and learning to lean on each other for the soon to be married couple. – Nim Kerai, Viva Weddings & Events

Last but not least, have fun! Planning should be an amazing and fun experience! Take all that you and your fiancée want for your big day and create a truly unforgettable day! – Madison Elyse Events

Have fun with the planning process. Don’t let it be daunting or overwhelm you! Find a good checklist and do “what’s important now” – instead of looking at the whole thing at once. Do one thing at a time and enjoy it. For example, the first thing that is needed is a location for the ceremony and reception that fits dates you would like. Next – compile your guest list and send out save the dates. Then start getting your vendors- wedding planners, musicians and photographers should be first priority since they can only do one event per day. The wedding dress and maid’s dresses would be next since they can take a long time to order. Then take a look at caterers, florists, rentals and other vendors. Then cake and invitations. Well-meaning friends can often rush and put pressure on you. Don’t let them do that. – Diana Andonian,

Have fun! The wedding planning process should be fun- it should be collaborative, exciting, and memorable for all of the right reasons. I believe the destination is an extension of the journey- enjoy every minute of this time of life from this very moment through your wedding day. Years back you will remember the planning process just as vividly (if not more so!) than your actual wedding day, and all of these experiences will work together to create the lasting memories you have of your overall wedding experience. – Krystle Levin-Smith,

Enjoy the planning process!: This is a very exciting time for the two of you and those around you. Go to bridal shows, tastings, wedding events and enjoy the excitement of picking out the perfect venue and choosing floral arrangements or finding bands. Don’t let the details overwhelm you. Use these events as date nights with your significant other and have fun with it! – Tionna M. Van Gundy,

Choosing your venue

Walk through your day in the eyes of your guests. Where will they stay? How will they arrive to your venues? When will they be able to eat? Is the temperature comfortable? You are after all, a host! – Nicole Marsh, Compose Events

Between the 2 of you (and/or your planner) come up with 1 or 2 “back up” visions for your wedding and/or reception. Decor is costly majority of the time. Also figure out what your venue allows (i.e. candles, real greenery, etc.) – Kate Civitelli, Kate’s Kreative Events

Consider the ages & demographics of your guests when selecting your music. Just because you like listening to rap, doesn’t mean that your guests will get up and dance to it! Throw in some oldies to engage the older crowd, and even the younger crowd…. I mean who doesn’t love a good oldie?! – Nicole Sirpilla,

Having a 15 minute dance session before salad service is a great way to set the tone for the evening. This will get your guests excited to dance the night away the rest of the evening! – Nicole Sirpilla,

There are so many fun local events for engaged couples. Do some research in your area as you may not only enjoy sipping on champagne and receiving free goodies but gain a bit of knowledge into the planning process as well. It’s a win-win! – Hannah Sabolik,

Ensure you have enough time

Planning a wedding takes a LOT of time – so think about how much time you have to plan your wedding and consider enlisting the help of a professional or family member – know your numbers – Lisa Havard,

Take your time Planning. Unless there is a need to rush, planning is most fun when done one piece at a time. Start with the date and a venue, everything else will fall into place – Nicole Migana,

Start planning as soon as you can! The earlier the better! This is especially for the couples on a budget! I believe you can have a beautiful wedding on any budget!! Making sure you stay on budget, but also knowing creative ways to create what you want, at a price you need! Especially where the couple is paying for the wedding themselves along with your already everyday bills! Just because you get engaged and planning a wedding doesn’t mean your income increased, although that would be nice! It just means you now have to plan more wisely with your money and having more time to pay overtime bit by bit, then reverts back to number one…lol. Gives you the opportunity to breathe, relax, and enjoy the process! – Ashley Parks,

Take your time when planning your wedding. It’s such a happy feeling and a very exciting time, so enjoy every single minute of your new “engaged” status and don’t rush into wedding planning mode. It’s always wise to select a date that will give you enough time to think about the most important things (available budget, guest count, family involvement) and plan accordingly. When you’re ready to start the planning, hire a professional planner who can guide you step by step finding the right venue, the most appropriate vendors, approving proposals and agreements before you sign them, keeping finances on track, organizing meetings and walk-throughs, providing advice, and being there to solve any issue. – Sabrina Cadini –

Burgundy Wedding FlowersPlanning a wedding is a lot of time and dedication. It can feel overwhelming at times. Through the process stay clear on the reason you are having a wedding in the first place – you are marrying the person you love and you want to commit and share that in a sacred ceremony, promising one another into eternity. Chelsea Suddes,

Be patient and remember that Rome was not built overnight. Designate one day per week for date night or else planning your wedding will become a chore as it will consume you and you will lose sight of each other. – Marsha Campbell, Events by 7 Inc.

If you’re thinking of hiring a wedding planner (which is highly recommended) the earlier you hire the better. This will give you the support from the very start educating you on the do’s and don’ts, instead of going at it alone and then bringing someone on later in the planning process. – Stephanie Cisko,

Start early. Don’t wait to start planning, before wedding season starts venues, caterers, bakeries, etc. start to book up. You don’t want to miss out. – Events by D & D,

Whether or not you have hired a professional planner, avoid stress by breaking your planning down into small steps and pieces, and then order them. Do not try to think about all the moving pieces to your wedding, all at the same time! (and allow your professional planner to do the same!). Don’t be asking her to be working on your invitations a year out, when you have not secured your venue, photographer, etc.) This is the biggest mistake my couples make, which naturally leads to a feeling of being overwhelmed. – Susan Morath,

Follow a planning timeline to create a balance and avoid being stressed at the end of planning. I have found wedding planning for couples comes in three stages: 1. The Excitement / Newly Engaged / Let’s get everything done TODAY stage that comes at the beginning. During this time, couples are go – getters, ready to book every vendor and make every decision. This is usually the happiest time, other than the actual wedding day I see couples. 2. The “This is terrible, I am over this & just ready to be married stage” that comes during the middle of planning. I find couples become exhausted from making decisions, they have paid deposits and the budget really begins to become a reality. They become frustrated because all the beautiful pictures they pinned on Pinterest or that fine art film photographer they have dreamed about forever may not be in the cards anymore. This time is challenging for both the couple & the planner. 3. The “OMG, my wedding is a month away and I have so much to do and no time to do it phase” this is at the end of the planning. When all of the little details start running through the couples head, panic sets in and they begin questioning whether or not everything will actually get done. These three stages are reasons why I suggested building a well-structured timeline that is balanced through the entire planning processes. Whether the couple has 6 months or a year and 6 months to prepare for their big day, planning ahead will help keep stress levels at ease and make the process more enjoyable along the way. – Kellie Conner, Jubilee Wedding and Events

Start planning early and make it a goal to have everything done at least 2 months in advance. This way, you will have some space to breathe and enjoy the small final details leading up to your fabulous day. – Jennifer & Rick Tan,

Don’t rush to plan – but don’t wait until the last minute either. Take time when you first get engaged to talk about what you both want, don’t want, and can’t do without. These conversations will set the groundwork to make your decisions through the planning process much easier. – Nicole Batiste,

Don’t procrastinate. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but if you use the timeline (available through your event planner for up to one year in advance of your big day), and stay on top of monthly “to do’s”, as the date approaches, you won’t be overwhelmed. – Carol Cartee,

Time is of the essence. Don’t procrastinate. Planning such a huge event takes time. Leaving things up to the last minute might leave you in more of a bind and may cost you more in the end. You may not get everything you want due to service providers being unavailable or guests being unable to get time off to travel and attend your special day. Making decisions quickly help move the planning along and will allow you to secure who you want to work with. Carolyn (Carrie) Wilson,

Plan with time! The average start planning their wedding between 8 months to a year before. This could save you stress and money! – Jannina Martinez,

Don’t wait until the last minute on little tasks. The last few months before the wedding will go by really fast and are filled with detail questions. Do what you can early on, such as a shot list for your photographer, wedding gifts for the bridal party, program content, welcome bags, and any timelines needed. – Amanda Savory, Bespoke Moments

Planning buddies

Get a planning buddy! I love what I do mostly because it allows me to walk beside the couple in their journey and take some of the planning load off. It’s fun to have a person who’s sole interest is to help you plan your amazing day! – Nicole Migana,

Ask for help, you don’t need to take on planning your wedding by yourself. Ask for ideas, suggestions and input. You have most likely never planned and event like this before and it can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be all on your shoulders. – Tina Dannel,

It’s OK to have help – Sometimes we feel that if we don’t do everything by ourselves it’s not going to be or look the same. Yes, this means handing part of your special day expectations to someone who takes your wedding seriously. Don’t be prepared for the worst, considering an extra hand (from an expert or people with some experience) shouldn’t be a disaster. – Alba Morales, Korzo Events

Getting Married is one of the most important events in your life and you don’t want to mess up the planning so get talk to your partner, get yourself organized and commit to staying organized; budgets, vendors, timelines, etc. Have a clear thought out plan and be intentional about staying on top of it. We advise our couples to create a wedding folder (yes it’s that serious!) with an accordion for better organization. This will help you in more ways than one. – DeeDee,

Make sure you stay calm

Don’t start obsessing on the tiny details at the beginning of your wedding planning. Many of my couples start planning their wedding 12 or more months in advance and they put together their vision board with colors and details that are always very trendy at that time. Six months pass by and they start all over again because they see new trends, new colors, new style being featured on social media and on blogs. When you start planning, think about a style and colors that you really love and a few elements that reflect your personality and / or your hobbies, your traditions, etc. Then, you can add some fun accents to your wedding story as you get closer to the big day (5-6 months before) without being tempted to start all over again. This will save you time and it will define your wedding style. It’s all about personalizing your wedding day and making it uniquely memorable for your guests. If the wedding speaks about the two of you, your guests will remember the experience forever. – Sabrina Cadini,

When you see something you love, make the decision and move on. Too many options will overwhelm you and planning your wedding will no longer be fun. – Jenn Hallak,

Keep It Simple: The planning process can be stressful to navigate, and that’s amplified when well-meaning family and friends are constantly interjecting their opinions. I always tell my clients to remember the following phrase: “Everyone has a voice, but not everyone has a vote.” Hear them out, but when it’s time to make decisions, always go back to what is most important to you and your fiancé and take it from there. – Jackie Hauer,

Be Present: While planning can be a long process, your wedding day will seem to fly by in the blink of an eye. It is important that you make an effort to not be swept up in the busyness of the day, but rather, be intentional about slowing down and actually experiencing it as it happens, making memories you’ll treasure. – Jackie Hauer,

Laugh during the planning process! There will be mishaps, back and forth, adding and subtracting guests, and so many details to manage like balancing the budget, arranging the seating chart, etc. Remember not to take yourselves too seriously and just laugh at the problems, because the stress will do nothing positive for your relationship. – Nicole Harris,

Don’t take your wedding planning stress out on each other. – Colleen,

Don’t make any decisions on the fly – tell everybody who asks about your plans (venue, wedding party, guest list) that you’re still thinking about things with your fiancé and will let them know when the time is right. It’s not uncommon to feel pushed into things, and regret those decisions later. – Sandy Malone,

Don’t let planning your wedding take over your life, pace yourself, and allow yourself time to enjoy your engagement. While your wedding day is important, it is just one day in the life you will be spending with your partner going forward. – Gerilyn Allen,

Establish your expectations early in your planning. – Samantha Radandt, B&R Events

Remember that this is a joyous and fun time for you and your fiancé! Don’t let stress overtake you- let someone else handle it. This may be your “circus” but you just need a good handler. – Samantha Radandt, B&R Events

Value each other’s’ opinions and be willing to compromise. – Lisa Petragnani Spradli,

Remember that there is no such thing as the “perfect wedding day”! There are so many varying factors that go into planning and implementing a wedding, and some things are just outside of your control. If it can go wrong, it will, so as long as you keep things into perspective and tell yourself that no matter what goes wrong, you will not sweat it and will choose to live in the moment despite any hiccups that may occur, you will be fine! -Venus Hamlett,

Don’t let the wedding planning get so intense it gets in the middle of your relationship……Be ready to compromise on just about everything! Just imagine how fun and easy things will be if you don’t have to, but we’re prepared to do so!!! In other words pick your battles! – Lili, Lili Marsh Events: The Art of Celebration

Be open to hearing your fiancée’s wants and needs for your wedding day. Remember it’s both of your day so make sure you incorporate each other’s ideas in to it. – Percy Sales,

The reason why you want to get married is because you love each other…however the stress can often cause friction between partners…don’t let the stress get you …hire a good wedding planner who can offer direction and support. Then have fun. – Joni Scalzo,

Wedding planning and weddings don’t have to be stressful. A few things to keep in mind: Ask for help; while you may want to do everything yourself, you simply may not have the time available. Likely, you have friends and family members who want to help. Surround yourself with the most positive, creative and solution-oriented ones. And of course, I would say, hire a wedding planner. Why not have an expert on your side who can advise you on: how to avoid problems (before and during the wedding); how to save money and get the most value from the money you spend; and how to create a unique wedding experience that truly represents the two of you – Julie Hart Conde,

Selecting your date

When selecting your wedding date, be sure to check out the schedule of events throughout the city you will be married in to be sure that there are not large events that will conflict with your big day (causing higher hotel rates, traffic issues, higher flight costs, and booked venues). – Deanna and Kerianne, Abbey Road Weddings

When beginning your planning, budget and date are where you need to focus! Everything after that will circle around those two! – Chantal, Events by Coco NY

Be open. Not limiting the planning to specific dates or parameters will allow you to be creative and can even help your budget go further. – Priscilla Erwin, Orangerie Events

Now comes the hard part – it’s time to talk to the other important people in your life and discuss some major details – guest count, budget, and dates. These three components are essential to launching your wedding plans. And for the record, this will be the absolute most challenging part of wedding plans and the best time to bring in professional help. – Kristen J. Scott,

Get the “big” stuff out of the way soon if you have a date in mind. Such as venue, photographer, planner, DJ, Florist, food and beverage. This relieves a lot of things that are a must in order to pull off a wedding. Leaving till last minute will stress you out. – Jamie Joe, Jamie Joe Designs

Wedding Planning Advice for You…

So there you have it brides, grooms and couples!  Amazing wedding planners from around the world have given you their best words of wisdom for your wedding planning.  Pay close attention… and you might just get everything you ever dreamed of and more.  Wedding planners are just like Fairy Godmothers, afterall!


Kathryn xx



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  • Andrea Solomon

    My best advice on the wedding day is to start early enough so you are not rushed. ESPECIALLY when it comes to hair and make up. It is my opinion that if you have over 6 bridesmaids, you should have 2 hair and 2 make up artist. I have found lately that this is the most stressful time of the day for the bride. Making sure
    everyone is ready for pictures at the right time. You can’t do group pictures if you are still waiting for 3 girls to get hair and make up.

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