Wedding Planner Guide: 50 Reasons You Need One

Congratulations on your engagement! We bet you’re super excited.  And, after you made those giddy phone calls to your family and friends to make the big announcement, we bet the first thing you did was to start searching for wedding inspiration on Pinterest boards, Etsy, wedding blogs and wedding magazines.  What did you think?  Gorgeous, right?  There are literally billions of different wedding ideas for you to choose from, and for this reason alone, we bet the excitement of wedding planning quickly turned to horror when you realised that you needed to sift through those billions of wedding ideas and conceptualize your very own wedding, right?

That’s why a wedding planner is so important.  Here, we give you 50 reasons why you need a wedding planner – stat!

50 reasons to hire a wedding planner - Wedding Masterclass

Wedding Planner Sign - Wedding MasterclassEconomies of Scale & Budget

50. Professional wedding planners will be working with dozens of couples at a time.  So, you’ll get the benefit of them negotiating with the best vendors for you in multiples.  Because they may use the vendors over and over again, the wedding planner will be able to use the economies of scale principle to negotiate a better rate or some additional inclusions for you.

49. If you’re not into spreadsheets and keeping track of your day to day expenses, and yet you’re on a budget for your wedding day – get a wedding planner immediately!  If budgeting has never been your thing, then believe us, it will not become your thing magically in the height of your wedding emotions!

48.  Wedding planners need to meticulously plan for every dollar, and therefore will ensure that nothing goes to waste.  If you’re planning on over-spending on flowers, for example, then they will help you realise that you either need to spend more overall or another detail needs to be reduced to compensate.  That level-headedness is what a wedding planner is there for!

47.  Are you into negotiating contracts?  No? Then a wedding planner can help you read, understand and negotiate with vendors – many of them will do this on your behalf.  Details you may have missed will not get passed a professional wedding planner who has read and re-read contracts many times over.

46.  Wedding Planners are not emotionally attached to you or the vendors, so they are more likely to get you a better deal.  When you’re in love with a venue or a cake decorator, you’re likely to cave in and possibly over-pay.  Let your wedding planner get in between you and the vendors so they can impartially negotiate a great deal.

45.  The know how of wedding planners can set your budget straight from the outset.  Do you realistically think you’ll be having a wedding for 400 in Manhattan for just $25,000?  No chance.  And, a professional planner will work with you to level out your expectations so you can make better decisions.

44.  When it comes to budgets, it’s best to decide what you really lust after and what isn’t that important to you as a couple.  Your wedding planner can work with you on this list and then help you allocate the funds you have available for your wedding day wisely.

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43.  Do you know who should pay for what on your wedding day?  Whether you’re a stickler for tradition or not, if there are contributors to your wedding funds, they will want to know that the budget is being well cared for.  A wedding planner can break down the expenses and ensure that all contributions are handled professionally, so you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Wedding Planner Succulent Bouquet - Wedding Masterclass42.  You’ve signed the contracts and you can sit back in relax, right?  Wrong… most wedding contracts have a bond or up-front payment and then instalments or partial payments in the lead up to the big day.  Venues, wedding flowers, dresses, caterers, photographers… almost every vendor will be expecting multiple payments.  Keep track of all of these with your wedding planner handling the scheduling, so you don’t accidentally miss a payment and then end up missing an important part of your wedding day.

41.  Mistakes cost money.  And, when you’re an enthusiastic wedding planning novice, you’re absolutely likely to make wedding planning mistakes.  Didn’t read that return policy? Damn.  Ordered flowers that simply cannot make it across the country in time? Yikes.  Your wedding planner is there to iron out the mistakes, and help prevent them in the first place.  As long as you communicate everything with your planner and let them know before you jump in to decisions!

Time & Efficiency

40.  Wedding planning is hard work.  It takes hours and hours of preparation and time.  Do you have that time available?  And if you do, would you prefer to spend that time dreamily trying on dresses and planning the perfect honeymoon, or negotiating with rouge wedding vendors?  Yep.  That’s why we think having a wedding planner is a great idea!

39.  Can you imagine how much research has gone into wedding planners finding the perfect vendors?  Yep, hours and hours, months and years of hard work.  Don’t waste your time doing the exact same research that an experienced wedding planner has already done.  Think of your time as worth money – be entrepreneurial in your approach to wedding planning – and you’ll quickly discover that the return on investment is worthwhile.

38.  The average wedding uses somewhere around 10-15 vendors by the time you have a photographer, cake decorator, venue, caterer, dress designer, florist, decorator or stylist, beautician, hairdresser, celebrant or officiant, hire company, transportation, videographer, stationery designer, favor supplier, jeweler… the list just goes on and on and on.  How’s communication looking?  Imagine trying to organise contracts, negotiations, schedule appointments, and payments for all of these important vendors? Your wedding planning is like a wedding EA superstar with efficiency powers.  They will juggle all of those vendors for you and ensure no communication, appointment or deadline is missed.

Wedding Planner Gray Bridesmaids - Wedding Masterclass37. That bridal party of yours is supposed to be your support network.  But, many times they can be a nightmare to manage!  Who needs to be where and when?  Your wedding planner will help coordinate these details.

36.  In the final days before your wedding day, you’re going to be in an amazing head-space.  Filled with excitement and nerves, you won’t in any way, shape or form be in the mood for last minute hiccups and details.  Forget the panic, enjoy the euphoria and let your wedding planner deal with the detail.

35.  Knowing when invitations need to be sent, how to organize your seating plan, when a supplier should have come back to you with their quote… the kind of insider knowledge that a professional wedding planner has is worth every penny.  It will save you a whole tonne of time and craziness you just don’t need to be worried about.

34.  Are you good at operations and logistics?  Planning a wedding isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  There are problems to be handled at every turn, and every detail needs to be managed well or things can get out of hand quickly – which can be costly and emotionally draining.  Your wedding planner won’t just be good at coordinating communications and scheduling – he or she will also be operationally savvy and understand risk and opportunity – ensuring you can relax and take it easy having fun, and leave them to handle the hard stuff.

Style & Design

33.  Do you have a particular vision in mind?  Unless you’re really creative, have a background in theatre staging or merchandising, you probably will struggle to bring that vision to life.  Leave it to the professionals and you’ll get an outcome that will really wow you!

32.  Not clear on your wedding look?  Your wedding planner’s first step will be to speak with you as a couple and get to know you, so you can get clear with your wedding vision.

31.  From your wedding vision, comes a clearly defined wedding inspiration board with colors, themes and ideas that will then be shared with every one of your wedding vendors and will guide every decision you make as a couple.  That level of sophisticated articulation of vision is hard to achieve without a professional who can provide clarity and direction.

30.  Or, you just have no idea what you want! But, you know you want beauty on your wedding day.  That’s ok too because a wedding planner will work really hard with you as a couple on definition of your goals.

29.  Now you have an inspiration board, how do you bring it to life?  What vendors do you need to make your wedding table decorations just so, your wedding flowers perfection and your wedding lighting stunning?  Your wedding planner will know what is needed to make that vision come to life – and will bring all of the correct vendors together to make wedding day magic happen for you.

Wedding Planner Rose Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Masterclass28.  What are those flowers you so love on that Pinterest Board?  A wedding planner will find out for you, if they don’t know themselves, and find out if they’re available for your day.  If not, they’ll find you an alternative that might even be better.  And, this goes for almost any element of your wedding!

27.  You have a crazy mushed up vision of what you’re wanting your day to run like and look like.  That’s fine!  It’s your wedding planner’s job to bring your aesthetics to life in the most beautiful way – so they will guide your decisions and make recommendations on style – so you get the best look possible.

26.  You want a Vera Wang look on an Etsy budget?  Yep, we’ve all been there.  Your wedding planner will work with your budget to get the best quality possible.

25.  Creativity isn’t everyone’s strong suit.  And, as a wedding day is a massive theatrical party for your best friends and family to celebrate your love, let someone who is really creative input their vision.  The chances are that your wedding planner will have ideas to add to your wedding vision that you never even thought of.

24.  Do you know the difference between different wedding linen?  Do you care?  If you’re not that interested in style and detail, but you’re just interested in a beautiful wedding day that you’re proud of, then a wedding planner is a no-brainer!

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23.  A vendor suddenly decides to exist stage left and leave you in the lurch with 2 days before your wedding day?  Yep. It happens.  That’s your wedding planner’s problem to solve.  Stress less!

22.  Friends and family are supposed to be your aides on your wedding day and throughout the wedding planning process; but believe us, they tend to be neither in most cases!  Most relatives and friends will have their own opinions and when you’re struggling to work out how to say no without upsetting everyone around you, you’ll really be glad that a wedding planner is on your side.  They will do the dirty work for you and be the bad cop!

Rustic Wedding Cakes - Wedding Masterclass21.  Wrangling vendors is not a pleasurable experience!  Relax.  Hire a wedding planner and you don’t need to worry about being an operations and logistics manager, communication magician nor a scheduling fairy.

20.  Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.  Sounds crazy?  What we mean is that when you don’t know what you should be doing, you tend to get stressed about what you should know but don’t.  Just drop all of that worry and have your wedding planner guide the decision making process on time for you.

19.  Do you want to spend every waking hour answering thousands of questions about your wedding day? Good on you, if it’s your thing.  But for most of us, this is a pain in the backside and a stress we don’t need.  Let your wedding planner be the go-to person for all of the thousands of questions that need to be answered when planning your wedding day.

18.  A great wedding planner will let you participate fully in the processes you adore, and step out of the ones that make you anxious.  And, that makes planning your wedding fun and pleasurable because you avoid the stress-related decisions you’re concerned about.

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17.  Guests can be quite painful with their demands.  With accommodation requirements, transportation, dietary requirements and so much more… leave the hassle to your wedding planner.

16.  Do you want a life outside of your wedding planning?  If you still need to work, and want to have friend and family time without worrying about every last detail of your wedding in every conversation for 12 months, then a wedding planner is essential.  It gives you breathing space!

15.  When there are tight deadlines to meet in your logistics, like getting from one venue to another between the ceremony and the reception, do you really want to be worried about that?  No, siree!  You want to be enjoying those precious moments as a newly married couple.  The orchestration of wedding day deadlines is just something most couples don’t envisage when it comes to their perfect wedding day!

14. Lots of couples argue about the little details of wedding planning.  Where one has strong ideas about budget and design, the other may have opposing ideas.  Avoid those soul destroying arguments by having your wedding planner assist with mediating the best outcome to try and achieve harmony.

Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding Couple - Wedding Masterclass13.  If you’re getting married away from where you live, we think a wedding planner is essential.  They will work closely on the ground with local vendors to bring the day together for you in a way that would be very hard from a distance.

12.  Your destination wedding planner will know the best local vendors to recommend for your wedding day.  They can negotiate good rates, the best suppliers that are tried and tested, and know the best locations to host your wedding events.

11.  Booking a hotel block for a destination wedding is a nightmare for the uninitiated!  Avoid this by having your wedding planner negotiate with local accommodation suppliers so your guests don’t miss out on the best accommodation for your wedding celebrations.

10.  Scouting locations for your wedding photos, pre wedding events and your celebrations for your wedding day is hard when you’re not on the ground.  Let your wedding planner be your guide – they will know great locations to sneak off to for your photography and beautiful pre-wedding venues for rehearsal dinners and other celebrations.  Let them guide your choices.

9.  Do visit your destination wedding location and meet your wedding planner before the big day.  Check out their recommended vendors face to face and ensure that you’re happy with their requests.

8.  There are so many added logistics in a destination wedding.  So beyond the standard wedding day schedules, your wedding planner also needs to coordinate guest accommodation, transport and deliveries from afar.  These are more stresses you don’t need as the wedding couple, especially as you’re travelling yourself!

In the Know

7.  Wedding planners have experience with dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of couples.  Therefore, this knowledge comes to you with every decision and recommendation your wedding planner makes.  Chances are this is the first wedding you have planned, so it makes sense to tap into the wisdom of someone who knows what they’re doing so you can avoid many mistakes and stresses!

Boho Wedding Decorations - Wedding Masterclass6.  Because wedding planners work closely with vendors all the time, they know who are the best choices for you.  They can make an assessment of your vision and budget, your personalities and styles and then match you as a couple with wedding vendor who are perfect for you.

5.  You deserve to enjoy your wedding.  Your wedding planner will ensure you can relax and just have fun.  They know the devil is in the detail and it’s their job to protect you from it!

Confused & Overwhelmed

4.  With so many choices available to brides and grooms today, we bet you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed by all of the wedding decisions you need to make.  A wedding planner will help you cut through the noise and get laser focused on what really matters.

3.  Loving that Pinterest board but no idea what it is?  That happens all the time!  It’s ok – bring a wedding stylist any type of vision and it’s their job to find creative ways to bring those elements into your wedding day so you feel that magic.

2.  Your Mom, Dad, Aunties, best friends, bridesmaids and even your work colleagues will all have opinions on your wedding choices.  When you start to get down and feel like you’re second guessing your wedding decisions, enlist your wedding planner to pump you up again.

1. Your wedding planner not only puts all of the gorgeous details together for you on your day, they also coordinate the pack down.  Do you really want to be worried about the mess left in your reception venue when you’re off enjoying your wedding night?

And finally, for most of us, we only have one wedding.  So, we want it to be magical.  Perfection.  Everything we’ve dreamed of.  A wedding planner is there just for that purpose.  To make your wedding day the very best day of your life.

Still unsure what a wedding planner does and how it works?  Join the Dream Wedding Masterclass free of charge where you’ll access free video interviews with some of the world’s leading wedding professionals.  You’ll get 10 of the world’s leading wedding professionals sharing their best wedding ideas with you, free of charge!


Kathryn xx

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