Wedding Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Wedding of Your Dreams

Wedding Ideas - Wedding MasterclassWhen you’re just engaged, wedding planning is full of promise. You’re excited. You’re beyond giddy with happiness. You’re in a state of euphoria!

Then the 110,000,000 wedding ideas hit you. Yes, literally, there are 110 million plus wedding ideas just on Google search alone.

So, just when you want to get clear in your thinking and work out the best way forward with your wedding planning, Instagram, wedding blogs, magazines, Etsy and Pinterest start to eat into your day and you feel confused, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Where did that euphoria go?

Don’t despair, because we’ve been in the wedding industry for over 10 years now, and we’ve been guiding brides and grooms to the wedding of their dreams.

We’ve personally tested and tried, read and reviewed 100s of wedding websites, wedding shops and wedding ideas online, so you don’t have to – to give you the definitive list of wedding ideas.

You can filter through the list by wedding activity. Ready? Set. Go!

Wedding Planning

Looking for wedding planning advice?  Most new brides and grooms head straight for the wedding blogs and get lost in a tangle of information, ideas and overwhelm.  Yes, we LOVE the wedding blogs (we get tonnes of inspiration here too) but we always recommend you start with caution!  The Wedding Masterclass is a great place to start because we connect the world’s best wedding professionals with brides and grooms from around the world on the web.  It means you can access really amazing wedding ideas without the stress and overwhelm, before diving in to those big blogs that are MASSIVE!  Here are our favorite wedding planning websites to get you started.

Wedding Masterclass

Wedding Masterclass is the authority for wedding planning.  Teaching brides, grooms and wedding professionals how to create dream wedding days, the Wedding Masterclass team has assembled world-class wedding planners, and wedding vendors of every type and connects them with couples from around the world.  Using the power of video and online courses, Wedding Masterclass is a must for anyone in the wedding space.

Dream Wedding Masterclass - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Wedding Masterclass

The Knot

You’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive wedding planning guide online than The Knot.  Jam packed with wedding planning advice, checklists, vendors and lots of wedding ideas and advice, The Knot has been the number 1 wedding website in the world for many years.  The only issue?  There’s no curation of content – as a new bride-to-be, it’s overwhelmingly packed with content.  Enjoy but dip your toe in slowly!

The Knot - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: The Knot

Green Wedding Shoes

A little bit rustic, and a little bit elegant… but always on the side of gorgeous.  Green Wedding Shoes is the go-to wedding ideas website for most wedding professionals, so as a newbie bride, you’ll want to make it part of your wedding planning ritual too.  More blog than wedding planning guide, there’s plenty on Green Wedding Shoes to inspire your wedding planning choices.

Green Wedding Shoes - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Wire

With over 3,000,000 reviews, Wedding Wire makes some big claims and delivers in terms of comprehensive advice and masses of advertising from good quality wedding vendors.  If you’re looking for local wedding professionals, you’ll absolutely find them here.  For wedding planning ideas and wedding advice, there’s plenty of content, real weddings and peer-to-peer wedding ideas.

Wedding Wire - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Wedding Wire

Hello May

This Australian wedding magazine has taken the world by storm with it’s beautifully curated content and stunning real weddings that always have a unique edge.  Touting themselves as a New Kind of Bridal Blog – they’re doing a great job of breaking the mould and ensuring that you have access to some really beautiful wedding ideas online.

Hello May - Wedding Masterclass

Official Website: Hello May

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty has been around for years and years and you’ll find lots of enjoyment here.  For wedding ideas that focus on pretty, elegant and now, you’ll love this wedding website.  Our big criticism is that as Style Me Pretty has grown, the sponsored content is kind of taking over the website, and while we’re all for commerce, it’s taken some of the edge away from the Style Me Pretty ideas.  Still worth a browse and plenty of time planning your wedding online right here.

Style Me Pretty - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Style Me Pretty

Intimate Weddings

Intimate Weddings is a gorgeous website for those of you looking to host a smaller scale wedding.  Focussed on wedding DIY projects and how you can create a gorgeous wedding with a big heart (and a smaller budget), this pretty website is a must for planning a small wedding day.  Great advice, easy to navigate and great fun for those of you who are looking for crafty, budget-friendly wedding planning advice.

Intimate Weddings - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Intimate Weddings

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Wedding Budgets

Wedding budgets can be stressful!  There are very few couples in the world who have an unlimited wedding budget, and believe us when we say that no matter whether you have a $10,000 or $100,000 wedding budget, the stress is just the same.  Couples have the tendency to spend to their budget and squeeze every last drop!  Working out how to spend your money on weddings is tricky – and regardless of whether you have a wedding planner or not, we recommend that you do some wedding budget planning to get clear about how to break down your wedding spending to get the best outcome for you.  Here are some great wedding budget resources to guide your spending decisions.

Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings is a great wedding blog, but we particularly adore their very handy wedding budget spreadsheet which gives you a breakdown of typical wedding budget spending that you can use to track your wedding budget and plan for your expenses.  They also have some great wedding budget posts around how much couples typically spend on their wedding days and how to save money if you’re looking to get the best out of your wedding budget.

Bridal Musings - Wedding Masterclass

Official Website: Bridal Musings


Wedding fashion retailer, Brideside has some great online content around wedding budgets.  They break down the wedding costs for you and use some pretty nifty ideas to bring your wedding budgets to life for you.  You can track your spending, plan to save some pennies on your wedding budget and also get some good advice on how to allocate your wedding budget wisely.

Brideside - Wedding Masterclass

Official Website: Brideside

Easy Weddings

Easy Weddings has a really nice budget calculator on their website that will help you take control of your wedding spending.  The breakdown is easy to understand and although the website is Australian, it is totally applicable for any audience.  Keep it up to date to track what you originally planned to spend on each item, and then what it actually cost, so you can make more informed decisions through the wedding planning process.

Easy Weddings Budget - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Easy Weddings

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Wedding Venues

Choosing your wedding venue is a massive task.  This eats up the majority of your wedding budget because you need to usually pay for food, drinks, venue hire and the hire of your chairs, tables and other “must-haves” in this mix.  So, getting good advice on wedding venues is necessary to really make your wedding work.  There are LOTS of wedding venue websites and advice around wedding venues out there, but we have trawled through them all and come up with our recommended list of wedding venue advice for you.  Check it out.

A Practical Wedding

A Practical Wedding has a nice post on choosing your wedding venue.  It breaks down the steps into easy to understand chunks and discusses the main points you need to understand before you make a decision on your wedding venue.

A Practical Wedding - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: A Practical Wedding

Here Comes the Guide

A Practical Wedding has a nice post on choosing your wedding venue.  It breaks down the steps into easy to understand chunks and discusses the main points you need to understand before you make a decision on your wedding venue.

Here Comes the Guide - Wedding Masterclass

Official Website: Here Comes the Guide


Wedding Fashion, Bridal Gowns & Accessories

Choosing your wedding gown is one of the most stress-inducing wedding decisions you’ll need to make.  Most brides have a vision of what their ideal wedding gown will look like, so when it comes to the practical steps to actually choose the bridal gown, it can mean that reality comes crashing down.  We want to avoid this for you, and have you enjoy the shopping process for your wedding fashion and accessories.  Here are our top websites and wedding resources for bridal fashion in our eyes.

Rock My Wedding

UK website, Rock My Wedding is a lovely resource for lots of wedding ideas, and we particularly love their sage advice on choosing the perfect wedding dress.  Dip in and read their wedding fashion articles to be inspired and then take their Look Book ideas and use them in your wedding shopping.  Love.

Rock my Wedding - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Rock My Wedding


Massive wedding website and magazine Brides has a HUGE amount of information about bridal fashion.  It’s really the go-to resource for understanding what’s available for bridal gowns and accessories, and they have their finger on the pulse if you’re looking for trending information about wedding fashion.  We like the way the website is easy to navigate and they not only have good advice on wedding fashion that’s hot right now, they also have some great advice on wedding dresses that suit particular wedding styles, body shapes and budgets.

Brides - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Brides

David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal is ridiculously HUGE and offers an amazing array of wedding fashion, veils, bridesmaid dresses and so much more.  Even if you’re not ready to buy, spending some time on this wedding fashion website means you’ll get a good idea of wedding designers and pricing for your fave items, and how much looks cost to bring together.

Davids Bridal - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: David’s Bridal


Wedding Stationery & Invitations

The perfect wedding invitations set the scene for your wedding day, so choosing the right style of wedding stationery is the key to getting your theming, branding and visioning right.  Connect with the right stationery designer and you’re on your way.  But, how do you find the right designer?  We love our wedding teachers from Meldeen, Posh Paperie and Goodheart Designs – and highly recommend their gorgeous work.  But these are the beautiful wedding websites that focus on great wedding stationery ideas.


Minted is your go-to wedding stationery website that connects you to great wedding stationery designers and artists – giving you the option to browse and order online – or simply get your wedding invitation ideas sorted.  Minted has a gorgeous array of wedding ideas for your invitations, printed goods and paper goods too – and has free samples and wedding invitation wording ideas.  Just about everything you need is here if you don’t want custom designed wedding invitations.

Minted - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Minted

Wedding Paper Divas

The other monolyth in the wedding invitation space is Wedding Paper Divas.  You can find practically everything you need here for wedding invitations on a budget and package your wedding stationery to match your invites and save the date cards.  Our fave part of this website is the How to Word Your Invites function that allows you to pick and choose the host, the style and theme to come up with the perfect wedding invitation wording for your wedding day.

Wedding Paper Divas - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Wedding Paper Divas

Offbeat Bride

Offbeat Bride is exactly what the name says – it’s a great website for any bride looking to host a personality filled wedding day a little left of center.  And, we adore this amazing post from Offbeat Bride on wedding invitation wording that won’t make you barf!  If you’re looking for wedding ideas for your invites and stationery wording that show your personality and independence, then this is a fantastic post for you.

Offbeat Bride - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Offbeat Bride

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Wedding Decor, Styling & Flowers

There is surprisingly little wedding styling advice available online.  It’s a mystery to me why this would be the case – yes, you can locate millions of styling ideas on your fave social media channels, but aside from this, it’s about the big blogs and even then, it’s pretty sketchy.  I’m advocating that you sign up for the Wedding Masterclass series where we interview some of the best wedding stylists, decorators and florists in the world, because this will give you a solid foundation, and then take the wedding vision course before dipping in to your social media channels.  So, without further ado, here’s what we recommend in order to inspire your wedding styling ideas.

Wedding Masterclass

We strongly suggest you sign up for the Free Interview Series on Wedding Masterclass to give you a picture of what to do for your wedding styling, decor and flowers from some of the best wedding vendors in the world.  They generously share their ideas with you FREE, so it’s an incredibly good place to start!

Dream Wedding Masterclass - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Wedding Masterclass

Wedding Vision Course

The Wedding Vision Course is the perfect way to start your wedding planning – and many wedding planners actually recommend you take this course before you even hire them!  The reason for this is you then get really clear about your wedding vision before you start making decisions around your decor, flowers and styling, theming, branding and style.  It’s about starting from a place of true knowledge and understanding exactly what you want before you start hiring vendors.

Wedding Vision Clarity - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Wedding Masterclass


Once you’re clear on your wedding vision, it’s time to hit Pinterest and get serious about wedding ideas.  In all the years we have been involved in weddings, we truly believe it is dangerous to start with Pinterest before you understand your wedding vision well.  We have seen so many couples get caught up pinning and then get lost in the sea of boards and ideas only to have 15 different directions for their wedding ideas.  So, as long as you use it wisely, we LOVE Pinterest!

Pinterest for Weddings - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Pinterest

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Destination Weddings

For those of you about to embark on a destination wedding, you have a huge array of websites to guide your destination wedding ideas… however, most are tied to giving you a sales pitch, and so if you’re simply looking to browse and be inspired so you can make some good, solid destination wedding planner choices, here are our picks.

Destination Wedding Magazine

Owned by a travel company but filled with great advice, the Destination Wedding Magazine is a great place to start dreaming of those exotic locations you could host your destination wedding day!

Destination Wedding Magazine - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Destination Wedding Magazine


The beautiful Renee Strauss of Brides of Beverly Hills fame and better known as a the owner of a gorgeous wedding boutique, started Wedaways recently to connect brides to a curated list of destination wedding venues and wedding planners.  The concept means you are connected to truly trusted locations and planners, so you know you’re in safe hands, which is ultimately one of the issues with hiring your wedding vendors from afar.

Wedaways - Wedding MasterclassOfficial Website: Wedaways

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