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Matthew Morgan, Wedding Photographer

Matthew is a professional photographer, entrepreneur and self-described “lover of things old and appreciator of things new.” As a successful portrait and commercial photographer, he’s traveled the country to shoot noted athletes like Shaquille O’Neill, Drew Brees, skate legends Duane Peters and Jason Adams and a host of Olympic medal contenders. His work has been featured in several major print and online publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings, Elle Magazine, Huffington Post, Vice Magazine, Brides Magazine, The Knot and more.

Matthew is an Orange County photographer based out of San Clemente, CA available for destination weddings worldwide.  Stories are important, a part of something more lovely and grand than we oft recognize. I would love to get to know YOUR story and see if I might play a part in capturing it rightly. Matthew is known for his sharp, vibrant wedding photography that captures a couples love, romance and fun.  Matthew is proud to be one of our Wedding Masters of wedding photography, to guide your wedding photographer decisions at Wedding Masterclass.

What you’ll learn from Matthew:

⇒  How to work with your wedding photographer to be relaxed and confident on your wedding day

⇒  The classic moments your photographer should capture on your wedding day

⇒  How to choose the perfect wedding photographer for you

⇒  How a wedding photographer fits in to the overall schedule and planning of your day

⇒  How a great wedding photographer can capture the best of you on your day


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