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Born in Los Angeles to a family of big personalities, Holly realized early on that her love for parties, food, theatre, fashion, art and entertaining was not just fun for her – it made other people happy, too!  Transporting guests through a magical life event is Holly Gray’s specialty. It’s a full cognitive experience: taste, sound, aroma and sight, all wrapped up in a joyous, little package! Holly takes your dreams and make them a reality.

Holly learned everything she know from her fabulous mother, Trilby. She has been in the Wedding and Event Hospitality field for over 20 years. When she semi-retired a few years back, Holly hired her as her assistant!

Holly is a long-time improviser – performing on stage, going to shows, or teaching it. Improv is the second-best skill I bring to an event.   Nothing rattles Holly – she sees what we have, she figures out a creative and fun adaptation, and the client never has to worry. This is where she shines! From creating to customizing to collaborating to coordinating, Holly is your girl.

Holly Gray is a wedding planner specializing in colorful, personality filled weddings that sparkle!

Holly Gray Weddings - Wedding Masterclass
Image: Daybreak & Dusk Photography
Holly Gray Weddings - Wedding Masterclass
Image: Amy Gray Photography
Holly Gray Weddings - Wedding Masterclass
Image: Supplied
Holly Gray Weddings - Wedding Masterclass
Image: Supplied

What you’ll learn from Holly:

⇒  How to create a personality filled wedding day

⇒  How to be calm under pressure and work your way through wedding day disasters!

⇒  How a wedding planner can help you envision your perfect wedding day

⇒  How to find inspiration for your wedding (and be as kooky and fabulous as you want)

⇒  How a great wedding planner can help you through every type of wedding planning problem


Learn more from Holly Gray at her website.


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