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Eytan Nicholson, Sugarbabies Inc.

When people want an elegant event they call the florist, when they want a delicious meal they call the caterer, and when they want a fun and epic party they call Eytan Nicholson from Sugarbabies. We aim for not just one night of celebration, but to make such a memorable impact that all the family and friends continue to celebrate that couple forever and treat their anniversary as a new family holiday.

Sugarbabies Inc is a creative collective of singers and musician performers. We collaborate with the best young talent from the prestigious Berklee College of Music community, and build shows in our unique musical bootcamp designed to foster authentic high-energy experiences for your event.  We’ve been lucky enough to perform for large 70,000-person crowds, and important events such as the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. And we are honored to be the top-rated party band for the last 7 years.

Favorite Quote from a wedding guest after a Sugarbabies show-  “I haven’t sweat this much since childbirth!”

Eytan Nicholson brings you his experience as top performer, dancer, manager and entertainer – someone who really cares about bringing fun to your wedding day.  Being your entertainment Wedding Master, Eytan provides you with advice on wedding ambiance, song selection, that special flow for your wedding reception and all of the logistical questions you need answered before booking your entertainment.

What you’ll learn from Eytan:

⇒  How to plan the perfect entertainment from ceremony to reception

⇒  Bring a great “flow” to your wedding day based on human emotion, not a spreadsheet

⇒  The difference between a DJ and a live band – and all the pros and cons

⇒  Everything you need to know about your first dance

⇒  The must have tracks that always get your guests on the dance floor

⇒  Why investing in entertainment will create a really memorable wedding day


Learn more from Eytan Nicholson at his website.


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