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Brian Leahy, Wedding Photographer

Brian Leahy is a different kind of photographer. A laid­back California guy with a passion for people, travel, and business. Over the last seven years, Brian has grown a successful studio in Los Angeles, one of the most competitive markets in North America. His philosophy is simple: every great photo starts with connection—a connection with the couple & with their loved ones. It is this connection that he modeled his business and every day life after, leading him to be one of the most sought ­after event photographers in California and the world. Brian’s real world experience has been critical to his growth as a public speaker as he passes that knowledge onto event and business professionals nationwide.

Brian is a leading wedding photographer who travels the world to capture the spirit of his clients on their wedding days.  He has traveled far and wide – from New Zealand and Africa to South America and Scandinavia to photograph weddings, and always loves the adventure of each shoot.

In the Wedding Masterclass, Brian is proud to lend his extensive advice to brides and grooms in how to find the best photographer for their wedding day, and how to capture those moments effortlessly.

What you’ll learn from Brian:

⇒  How to bring a whole sense of fun and laughter to your wedding day

⇒  How to bring a unique sense of style to your wedding imagery

⇒  Advice on working closely with trusted wedding vendors

⇒  Practical tips on capturing those special moments that last forever – without any planning

⇒  Travel, adventure and destination wedding how-to


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