Alisa TonggWedding Celebrant

Alisa Tongg, Wedding Celebrant

Alisa Tongg is a Storyteller and Celebrant, trained to compose and perform non-denominational, intercultural, interfaith and secular wedding ceremonies.  As a storyteller, she is inspired by the space between what makes each of us unique and also the same, Alisa is fluent in infusing meaning into the experiences she creates. On more than one occasion she has been called a “fairy god celebrant” and her secret goal is to make people cry.  Teaching you how to plan your wedding ceremony, create meaningful services and write wedding vows that touch you, your fiancee and your guests; Alisa is proud to be your Wedding Masterclass teacher.

As a Wedding Master, Alisa helps couples tell the story of their love and create wedding ceremonies, rituals and vows that match their personalities perfectly.

“I primarily create and perform wedding ceremonies for couples and families looking to tell an authentic and unique story to set the stage for their celebration.  My secret goal is to make people cry,” she says.

Alisa’s magic is getting to know the couple intimately and then translating their story into a wedding ceremony that is completely unique to them.  Trained to compose and perform non-denominational, intercultural, interfaith, secular and humanist wedding ceremonies and celebrations, Alisa is known for her ability to craft personal stories into inspired ceremonies – ones that resonate with the couple, their friends and family.

What you’ll learn from Alisa:

⇒  How to clearly envision the wedding ceremony you desire

⇒  How to create a personal wedding ceremony that is uniquely yours.

⇒  How to highlight your best selves together, and harness those moments, paths and beliefs that you travelled to find love.

⇒  How to write authentic vows.

⇒  Rituals to bring to your wedding ceremony that are meaningful to you as a couple.

⇒  How to bring in your friends and family so they form a part of the ceremony and your lives.


Learn more from Alisa at her website.


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